What Is Your Breakthrough?

When a breakthrough happens, you begin to look at life in a new way. It's a jump into a new way of perceiving what's around you, as if you'd taken off blinders and saw a different world from the one you saw before.

A breakthrough puts you into a different state of being and alters your approach to life. You may see the same people and things around you, but you see them in a completely new way.

You've probably had several breakthroughs in your life -- when you had a child, for example, or when you fell in love, or when someone close to you died. You may have had a breakthrough when you first moved away from home, or when you stopped smoking, or when you got a new job.

Breakthroughs don't always happen by chance. You can actually set out to have one. It's a shift that will take place inside you. Your breakthrough is going to look different from anyone else. It has to, because it's uniquely yours. For some people it's like fireworks going off. For others it's like a quiet remembering. Some people can recall the exact moment it happened, and others only know something changed. Let yours be the way it is, without any judgment or criticism. That's exactly what it's supposed to be. The important thing is that you're doing it for yourself, and not for anyone else. That way it will last, and you can enjoy the richness of it.

What is your breakthrough?


Patricia said...

My breakthroughs have been the quieter type--such as realizing a new direction for a career or a new philosophy. They usually are not sudden, but take time to crystallize in my mind.

Paul Baines said...

I'd say close brushes with death inspiring me to follow my arts career was my biggest so far.

Carlos said...

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Enchie said...

this is a very nice post...my breakthrough I think was able to survive blogging. Meeting different people, and xtraordinary encounters made me change some perspective in life.thanks for this post.

Frances said...

have had many throughout my 32 years but the most recent is the most beautiful. My breakthrough happened when my mother died just 4 months ago. She was a gentle and God-fearing woman. When she died, I was able to forgive my father and my older brother--something Mama had urged me for many years to do. When I forgave them, only then did peace, grace, and so much love enter my life fully--because I no longer had anger and hate in my heart. Now, in just four short months, I am such a different person. So while Mama's death is the worst thing that ever happened to me, it is also the best because I am no longer the shriveled spiteful little soul I sadly was.