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Mirrors of Ourselves

When discussing lifestyles and personality, one would be remiss in doing so if the word "home" is not mentioned. The home is an integral part of our lifestyle, after all. We may or may not own a house, which is where the home is created, but we all belong to a home, whether we wish to call it ours or not.

As infants, we enter this world through the home of our parents and those that assumed responsibility for our care and, basically, our lives. As we grow older, it becomes a haven from the second world, which is school. It is a home where we feel most secure and are always accepted, and where we are nurtured and nourished by the people who live in the same household. Hence, it becomes the place where we want to seek refuge when we are sick, depressed rejected, or simply exhausted after a long day away from the house.

At an age when we can gain financial independence, one of the basic things we work and save for is a place we can call our own -- our sanctuary from the hassles and pressures of our workplace. At this stage, wanting to be left alone and not be disturbed becomes a necessity, and it is for this reason that many of us want to live apart from the home that we grew up in, despite our parents' open invitation to stay in our bedrooms, with free board and lodging, for as long as we wish. There is a constant desire to come and go without having to ask permission from the elderly folks in the house and to have friends over any time of the day or night. Having jurisdiction over a space we can call our own enables us to relax and behave as we please, without anybody raising an eyebrow.

More than the clothes, the behavior and manner of speaking, our homes tell the stories of our lives -- good or bad, happy or sad. To a certain extent the personalities of our homes are accurate gauges that reflect where we are and have been, who we are, and what is presently going on in our lives. Our home essentially become mirrors of ourselves.