The Hazard of Sleeping while on Duty


Entrecard Hit Me with the Banhammer!

Yup, you read that right. Couple of my blogs were banned, deleted, vanished from Entrecard this morning. I was frantic, livid, and #$##^&&*$%&*.

That outburst lasted only several seconds and the greedy sense of me prevailed. You ask greedy? Yup you're reading this right again. I have approximately 250,000 Entrecard credits on both accounts and common sense tells me to check the TOS, in order for me not to lose all those credits. Lo and behold, I violated the terms of service by not posting at least 5 "quality" posts for the past 90 days on each of the blogs concerned.


Your Personal Laws

You may be wondering where those personal laws come from. They come from our personal experience, some event or events in our life that have caused us to make a decision about ourselves, about how to operate in life, about how to succeed or how to survive.

Personal laws have their purpose, but when they become unconscious and start operating automatically, we're stuck with them long after they've stopped playing useful function. Even worse, many of the most powerful personal laws were made when we were too young to have an accurate picture of who we are or of what the world is actually like, and so are often terribly misguided.