Niche Marketing 101

Niche Cheese from spiritwarrior on Comiqs

The basic rule is that you need to find a niche which is not so competitive and one which you can contribute something special and relevant based on your past or other people’s experience, knowledge and skills. Everything else will just fall into place. Every day, the Internet world is becoming increasingly busy and competitive. This means that niches are becoming increasingly vital and critical to online success.

What is niche marketing? It is simply making people buy a product or service that have little competition in a particular area. As an example, putting up a grocery store in a residential area that does not have one will likely be successful in contrast to a place where there is a grocery store in every corner. This is true whether you have an offline or online business.

Bringing in customer and business together is essential to any marketing endeavour. Building a strong customer base will take time but will guarantee your online success because they will be your repeat buyers. If you sell a product or service online that customers do not need or can be easily purchased from other online businesses, your marketing effort is bound to fail. When you sell to a niche market remember to sell the benefits of your product or service and not so much the features. Do not overemphasize the features because customer buy based on need. For example, would you buy a vacuum cleaner based on horsepower and sturdiness, or because you need one to protect your baby from crawling on a dirty carpet? A good salesperson will emphasize the latter reason and the features later. That's what niche marketing is all about, creating a demand for your product and services to customers who will likely buy.

Lack of competition in a niche market can bring both positive and negative results. Positive because you are the only one or a few selling your product or service. Negative because there might not be a need for what you have to offer.

Internet business is very competitive because it can be accessed anywhere in the world and anyone can offer the same product or service. Therefore, a savvy niche marketer will target a small segment of a larger market base, create a demand and supply the need. So the secret of niche marketing is "creating a demand". Good luck.


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U R absolutely right! It has taken me 11 months to figure that out. Now I have found my niche (thanks to Yahoo Answers!) and am on my way.

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Finding a niche market can be very difficult. Assessing the competition that's already out there and the demand for that particular niche is crucial for success.
Thanks for this post, it has helped to reinforce the concepts I've read about in the past.

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