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If you're a fan of reality television chances are that you have heard of the hit show on Fox by the name of "So You Think You can Dance". If you are a fan of "American Idol" then this show just might also be of appeal to you. It is much like the wildly popular Fox hit, American Idol only the focus is on dance rather than vocal talents.

Much like American Idol, So You Think You can Dance has an audition process by which the wheat is separated from the chaff so to speak. The first two episodes of the season are essentially clips from the audition process showing a few of the hits and misses that have been encountered throughout the operation of whittling down the numbers. It shojuld not be a huge surprise that Simon from American Idol is also one of the creators for this show which is popular in its own right though not reaching anywhere near the wild success that American Idol has experienced.

The show is actually quite interesting on a level that American Idol doesn't manage to capture. For one, it involves the pairing up of talent that hasn't worked together previously for the purpose of dance while competing against one another. Secondly, they lowest scoring couple is allowed the opportunity for one member to redeem himself or herself by performing solo for the judges. Obviously this makes for some interesting situations on the way. Yet another interesting fact about this show is that it throws the competitors into forms of dance that they're not likely to know against other performers who may very well be familiar and comfortable with the style of dance in question.

All in all, when it comes to dance, the television show So You Think You can Dance is doing a great deal to educate its watchers about various styles of dance that they may have never otherwise encountered. If you have always aspired to learn a bit more about the many styles of dance and to see others as they learn the ropes to some degree, then this is definitely a show you won't want to miss.


positive live said...

I think I can dance! Really, i think this time is Idol era. Anyone wants to be an idol. This is a good in A positive life vision. But in other view, that is a rubbish...That is just a entertainment and broadcasting busines. Money talks! :)