Did this cross your mind?

As of Feb 1, 7:59PM ET

Microsoft is worth $283.490 billion

Apple is worth $117.540 billion

Google is worth $161.394 billion

So why am I posting this? Something really big is about to happen in the internet's future. One of these companies will most likely buy fledging Yahoo Inc. Microsoft initiated it first but will most likely face a lot of opposition regarding antitrust etc. Google and Yahoo as partners could be a viable alternative. Apple has the bucks and could very well join the party. This is the Super Bowl of the internet giants and I'm anxiously waiting for the results. And for those of us relying on Adsense for extra income, will any merger make a difference? Well, I'm keeping Adbright affiliation just in case :) What do you think?

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Felix Noir said...

Oh yeah this did cross my mind, big things are happening in the internet world and big things are going to happen in our economy. We need to hope that world leaders can pull us out of this.