Toyopet and Ford Fiera

I never thought I'd be writing about this subject but since I'm taking dNeero's survey about cars, I might as well write something relevant. I had lunch at my dad's home last Sunday, and one of the things he talked about again (lol) was about his 5 year old Honda civic and the older cars he had. He's very satisfied with the Civic and the service he gets from Honda that he never miss telling me about how reliable and efficient it was. He also talked about Toyopet and Ford Fiera, saying these were cars from the old days that my grandma bought as a runabout vehicle and to haul them to and from school. The Toyopet which lasted for about 5 years was sold because it became too small for a growing family, and was eventually replaced by Ford Fiera, a 15 seater. He can't remember how long the Fiera lasted because it was used till it became junk. I was curious how these things look like, so I did a little research and found these images on the net. Have you ever heard or seen these cars?

Junked Toyopet

Ford Fiera (check out the guys' hairdos)

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oyvind said...

It was so fun to see such images. A Toyota were nicknamed Toyopet in 1948/1949, it was a small one-litre care - a cute car. In 1949 Toyota registered Toyopet as a trademark. Great photos!

Search for Toyopet Model SA (I think), then you will find a cute Toyopet. hehe

SpIrItWaRrIoR said...

Thanks. Very nice info.

eric muego said...

thanks sa info. are u into ford? if u are i recently restored a ford..its my 1st time sa ford eh im used to be a vw guy.. i posted it on flickr.. search mo ford fiera..its a mix of 70s and 90s.. leave ka comment pare.. tnx