Goodbye February, Hello March...

No Takers from spiritwarrior on Comiqs

February went by so fast. Throughout that month, I have experienced a major redefining on what blogging is all about and it all started by a tip from a fellow blogger. I was surfing the net and stumbled on a tip that read something like this “65000 hits sitehoppin + entrecard + social bookmarking”. Curious as I am in making my first real blog site and getting a lot of traffic, I immediately decided to sign up on sitehoppin , entrecard, and some social bookmarking sites. That one particular decision spelled the biggest difference in my blogging life. It became a lot more exciting and interesting to say the least. My blog, Prove Me Wrong, although a month old is now getting 300+hits daily, and for that matter, it is beginning to establish a readership base. My email inbox has also been receiving lots of comments regarding my blog. I cannot believe that one simple line of tip can be so effective. Unfortunately, I'm unable to share to you that site where I got my tip from, because I have accidentally deleted the bookmarked site while rearranging the hundreds of entrecard premium blogs in my bookmark folders.

Interestingly enough, the hundreds of entrecard blogs I go through everyday are mostly quality sites. I’ve learned a lot from those sites, from a variety of life’s experiences to business and technical know-how. I don’t read each and every post of those sites but if I scan something that catches my attention, I take a breather from dropping entrecards to read the post and leave a comment.

Well, goodbye February, hello March. What’s in store for me this month? I really don’t know but I will live my blogging life to be as equally exciting and interesting like last month. I will certainly ride that momentum, and make it as my initiative to give you my fellow bloggers quality contents.

I would like to make special mention to the unknown blogger that got me started in this wonderful journey. Thank you very much. Good luck to all and happy blogging.

Ps. I now have two more unique blogs losing weight intentionally and entreblogger, and a mini mall site about mobile phones.


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Tim Archer said...

I've been running across your site daily due to your entrecard! I wish you luck this March, keep up the good work!

musica0911 said...

this Feb have to wait another 4 years....=)

this is precious!=)

bobat said...

February just flew by this year. Its almost summer break for me! Great blog you got here btw.

C K said...

EntreCard did wonders for me as well! Before EC, it like less than 10 unique visitors a day. Well, hope that the number of visitors in March will top your Feb's. :)

Ahmed said...

I'm trying to boost my blog too. I submitted my blog into some social networks and some blog directories but have no time to write attractive content :(
I started reading blogs to get ideas and I hope it's gonna make some audience :)

Pisio808 said...

Congratulations on your site taking off. I am not at the 300 visitor a day mark, but I have seen exponential growth since joining entrecard. You, and bittersweet collide are two of my favorite blogs so far... Keep up the good work!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

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and Random Thoughts- International Blog url-
I will be visiting your blog regularly. Thanks and God bless you and your loved ones always.

Shawn T Lippert said...

yeah you might of read it from my site here is the link:

Anonymous said...

I'm Glad i ran across this site.Added to my bookmark!