Lazy Sunday

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I’m treating myself to a lazy Sunday. That means doing nothing except for my usual entrecard routine and writing my site’s traffic report which I’d like to share with you. First of all, if you scroll down to my earlier post of Good Bye February, Hello March, I mentioned about the blog site I found that got me into entrecard. The owner was kind enough to leave a comment on my post, and the really funny part was the site has been on my entrecard premium bookmark after all. This was buried beneath several posts by the owner that’s why I never recognized it. Here it is:

Daily Tech Impressions

Thanks again and here are my traffic report as of 3/8/08:

-Alexa ranking at site creation 2/01/08 = 12,000,000 +

-Alexa ranking 2/14/08 prior to signing up at entrecard, site hoppin, social networks = 5,899,000

-Alexa ranking as of 3/08/08
o Yesterday = 79,169
o 1 Week Average = 79,002
o 3 Months Average = 465,899

-Entrecard statistics
o 1111 credits in your account
o 350 credits to advertise on your blog
o 3296 credits earned via ads
o 98/5975 cards you dropped today/ever
o 44/2807 cards dropped on you today/ever
o 8782 credits earned via drops
o 922 clicks via ads you placed
o 934 clicks from your blog to others
o 2508 clicks from to you
o 21 ads you bought
o 9 ads bought from you
o 9 currently running ads

-Google page rank = 0 (too new)

-Google search = 4 out 4,660,000

That’s my summary fellow entrecarders and bloggers. I say not bad at all for a new blog. Well, I have to make a decision soon whether to transfer to a paid host using wordpress as many have already suggested. As far as monetizing my blog, I’m slowly testing the possibility but definitely not my priority at the moment. Right now, I’m enjoying my blogging and in the process of creating a niche blog. Any suggestion you have will be most welcome and appreciated.


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

You can afford to relax on a Sunday for it is really the day of rest. Your figures for your blog as released by Entrecard are very impressive. Can I exchange links with you? I have already linked you with my blog. I hope you do the same with mine. Thanks for the very informative post. God bless you and yur loved ones always.

melodia0911 said...


FoxTwo said...

Actually I really don't see why you need to migrate to a PAID hosting site. Migrating to Wordpress is a different thing though :)

I have a few friends who've experienced more downtime with their supposedly reputable paid-hosting company than I have ever had with my FREE webhost. Total downtime on my website has been under 3 hours the whole year (2007). Total downtime for one of my friends - 6 days (paid hosting). The other friend of mine had been having downtimes of 1 to 2 days each time it goes down, and it has already gone down TWICE this year.

Anyway for now Blogger serves me really well, and allows me to do "Disaster Recovery" on my own. Wordpress will be more problematic.

Petula Wright said...

Sounds like you're doing well. I haven't signed up for entrecard yet. I keep stalling. So much blogging stuff to do and so little time. I can't figure out what's the most rewarding...

SpIrItWaRrIoR said...

You're right foxtwo. I'll stay with blogger for now. Never had any problem with my site.

Hi Mel. I've added you already.

I feel so relax and ready to face this week with a smile.

michael said...


Nice work on your blog! :) You're definitely smarter than grade 5 or 15 for that matter! ;)

Just my 2 cents on whether monetize your blog is: not yet.
Keep those nice content coming and grow the readership. What you could do however, is to get your own domain name and redirect that to your existing blog. So that when the time comes, you can migrate to a new blog/host easily.

Also, a word of thanks to you for liking our comic-creation service and using it on your blog entry. Since we've just launched, it's nice to be able to grow together with you and your blog! :)

Michael Lim
- Comiqs

Stanley said...

Looks like your blog is really progressing. All the best!

rod'aflip said...

I read your latest blog about komics it looks promising and congrats to you. Maybe i could post a comic on my blog it depends on the topic. And thanks for your visit. If your not busy do make comments on my blog,

Anonymous said...

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