One Sound Idea Is All You Need...

I Could Have, Should Have... from spiritwarrior on Comiqs

One sound idea is all you need to prosper in life. Observe very carefully, that idea may just be in front of you. Keep an open mind, because when you begin to think freely and without biased, everything you see becomes an opportunity. There is no complex or simple idea; it is just a matter of how you apply it, and when you find an idea, by all means pursue it with gusto and perseverance like it will expire as soon as you slow down.

A conversation I once had with my former employer went like this:

Boss: Do you see that one big piece of vacant land?

Me: Yes, it’s got a beautiful view of the ocean. I could feel the sea breeze...

Boss: If you work very hard and stay with my company for a long time...

Me: (excited) Yes?

Boss: That one big piece of land will all be mine...

It was meant to be a joke. But did you get the idea?

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kexbrown said...

It is all just one good idea you need to succeed. That is why it is so important to write down your ideas. Because sometimes you'll have a good idea when you are with friends and by the time you get home you will have forgotten that great idea.

Of course action is always important after you find that idea. But, I will leave that idea for you to blog about later. :)

I read once where sometimes you will go to anther city outside of your general area and you can find someone doing something that isn't being done in your community.

Years and years ago, I remember seeing a video store in another city and I thought it would be great to have a video store in my neighborhood. There wasn't any video stores within 10 miles of where I lived at the time. Unfortunately, I didn't have the financial resources to pull it off at that time.

But, within 2 years someone else came along and built a new video store and was quite successful.

The moral of the story is twofold. Number one, always look for ideas in cities where you visit.

Number two, save your money so when opportunity presents itself you are ready to take action!

Hopefully this didn't bore you!

xxxxxxxx said...

I had a couple bosses like that too :)

xxxxxxxx said...

I had a couple bosses like that too...guess neither of us stayed huh? :)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Spirit Warrior,
I got your point. Yes, if we have an idea, especially a novel one, we should pursue it to its logical conclusion. Many an idea just lying down in the cobwebbs of our minds may be a sure money winner. We can never know it unless we initiate that idea. Thanks for the inetersting post. God bless you and your loved ones always.

musica0911 said...

what...????he want to wash himself???=)

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SD44 said...

This post is exactly what I needed to see. I like that.

nyactor said...

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Jenz Iggo said...

That's a good thing you left the employer.

Ideas and opportunities come all the time but somehow people would rather stay dormant with no actions taken.

The one who takes action upon an idea albeit the resistance is the one different from the rest of the drifters.

The Fitness Diva said...

We all have great ideas. It's also having the ambition, drive (and sometimes the $$$$, or a good plan to get it) to bring them to life that counts. That's what separates the successful ones from the dreamers.