Not Too Lazy Sunday

Today, wasn't really that lazy. I watched the boxing match between Pacquiao and Marquez. Although, I'm not really a fan of boxing, but the match got me all riled up since Pacquiao is a fellow countryman. Congratulations Manny for a job well done.

I'm almost done with my study of a niche market I will implement in my new site. That means, I will start joining the monetizing club. The numerous tips I read will be a big help in doing so. I think it's really important to have a goal to set the parameters, so I have created a set of questions for myself to go about the project.

1. What's my dream? I believe my dream will make me succeed and overcome obstacles and hindrances. It will also empower me to face the difficulties ahead in starting a new venture.

2. What are my experiences, my strengths and weaknesses? This will define my niche market.

3. How do I start the business? Monetizing a site is a business. This is essential in creating a business plan.

4. What's my short term goal? 1 to 3 year plan.

5. What's my long term goal? 3 to 5 year plan. I think this is very important to be considered since I'm not in it because it's a fad. I'm here for the long run.

6. Do I have the resources to succeed? I've notice that most successful cyberpreneurs invested money and time to drive lots of targeted traffic in their sites. I have a successful offline business myself so this came as no surprise. Target marketing is still king in marketing parlance.

7. Am I ready to take the plunge and change my lifestyle? I have to answer this from the bottom of my heart. I know that this will entail a lot of time and effort. I have to consider everything including the people around me. Remember, It's a lonely place at the top...LOL

So stay tuned for my next niche episode...May you have a wonderful week ahead. This video is for you and I hope your week will be the greatest ever.

I love you and the least I can do for you is clean your monitor...enjoy

Ps. Here's My weekly report:

-Alexa ranking at site creation 2/01/08 = 12,000,000 +

-Alexa ranking 2/14/08 prior to signing up at entrecard, site hoppin, social networks = 5,899,000

-Alexa ranking as of 3/16/08
o Yesterday = 75,645
o 1 Week Average 3/08/08= 79,002 This Week 74,232
o 3 Months Average 3/08/08= 465,899 This Week 305,802 Shaved off 160,000+

I may be over emphasizing how Entrecard, site hoppin and social networks have help me achieve an incredible increase in traffic and exposure, but it does work. For those of you who are monetizing your site and needing traffic, you can't go wrong with the combination.


Talen said...

Good luck with the new site! Sounds like you have everything figured out so hopefully it's a success :)

Don't market the screen cleaner though...I'm on my third try and he's still missed a few spots!