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Two lessons in internet surfing. First lesson is be kind to your mouse. It's that one piece of equipment that is always neglected and abused. Without it your blog life is paralyzed. Second lesson is what my mom has always told me, that if a person says to you "trust me", be wary. Who you meet while surfing or chatting on the internet may not be who they say they are. This is just a couple of pointers I'm sharing with you. There must be plenty out there, please share them here.


pinaywife said...

hi thanks for dropping by my site

happy blogging!

Laarnaay said...

nice comics and I agree with you.

Anyway, I'm not a noob anymore and been using the intranets for like eight years already and won't trick me or something.


Ambrosiality said...

that is so true. people especially new surfers tend to fall for internet traps.

Another big problem is money scams. People might pay for something on fake websites, so try to verify the website 1st.

sandi said...

Thanks for informing me! I know I get alot of spam! People who have all this money over seas and want to transfer it to me! I delete!


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Spirit Warrior,
What you said is true. There are so many shady characters in the net. I clicked on a blogger from California and what I got was a virus that created havoc on my blog. Oh, I do not know what they can get out of it. Just pure nuisance. Thanks for the post. God bless you always my friend.

brainteaser said...

Hello dear!

Great post! Hahaha! I enjoyd the comics.

It's true, oh it's true. There are so many shady characters in the internet.

What they get from fooling other people is beyond me. :-)

SpIrItWaRrIoR said...

Hi all,

Many thanks for the positive comments and some of the reminders about money scams, spams, and virus. I always do a google search for money scams.


Discount Till Rolls Ltd said...

Yes you can not trust everyone online when you dont really know them. they can be anyone at allpretenting to be someone else.