What The Mind Can Conceive The Blog Can Achieve

"What the mind can conceive the blog can achieve." - Rhea

This blog is now a part of my daily chore. Judging from the warm comments I have received, I'm feeling more motivated and responsible to write good articles. I am enjoying the writing part tremendously, a discovery I never thought I have enough patience to do.

My time blogging coupled with the soaring gas and consumer goods prices made me realized that I have to start innovating, renovating, and implementing a rather unique lifestyle to start saving money to cope up with recession and still be able to give time for my new found interest. I’m both fortunate and lucky to have a very supportive and compassionate partner who took a break from his own business to help me in this unique lifestyle change. We plan to integrate both our income sources for the same reason to hedge us against the uncertainty of rising costs of doing business.

Profits from my small fast-food outlets where I get my sustainable income have been on a decline. Since I cannot be there all the time now, I have installed online cameras on some of the stores for monitoring purposes. I’m satisfied with the results so far because I can virtually be in several places at the same time and actually save a lot from the rising fuel costs by using my car less frequently. I also signed up for online banking that I find to be so much easier to transact as oppose to lining up and wasting all that time at the bank. Hopefully, these measures will add up for a more stable income.

It was only recently that I have uncovered these numerous value added services that my desktop computer can do. For the most part, I was only using this computer for accounting (excel) purposes and occasional surfing. I would never have found out if I never started blogging, meeting good people like you and reading quality posts from fellow bloggers because my daily routine then was just home and work. I have learned how to multi task in a very efficient way to compensate for the time I spend surfing. Overall, the monetary savings I am experiencing is beyond expectations.

Being in front of the computer for several hours a day will take its toll on my health, and that’s one of several considerations I will never compromise. So my hubby bought a stationary bike. Placed it strategically in front of the monitor, installed a made to order holder for the wireless keyboard and a mouse pad for the wireless mouse on the stationary bike. Go ahead you can laugh, but it's actually working. How’s that for innovation? As a result, I have terminated my fitness club membership for additional savings. I’ll be posting a picture of the stationary bike as soon as we finish some minor adjustments. We plan on purchasing a treadmill in the near future and do the same with it. Who says we can't be both a computer junkie and a health buff at the same time? Any investors out there?

This blog has achieved what my mind has conceived. Lady luck seems to have a knack of finding me. I hope she does the same for you.

What the mind can conceive the blog can achieve. from spiritwarrior on Comiqs


kahealani said...

do you own an apple computer? It looks like a program called comic strip that apples use.

Sandi said...

We are all looking for ways to save on gas and spending. I can't wait to see the picture of stationary bike. I know I have really cut down on driving around town and as a result less spending. Who knew?

SpIrItWaRrIoR said...

Hi Kahealani,

I have an HP. I know the comics on apple. This comiqs I use can be on the same par with apple. Thanks for dropping by. Have a nice day.


SpIrItWaRrIoR said...

Hi Sandi,

Nothing extraordinary about the stationary bike. I have the keyboard right in front of me attached to the handle bar and the mouse on the right side. We're just adding some more features because the wireless keyboard and mouse use batteries that ran out of charge fast. Yup, I am cutting down on driving as much as I can. Too expensive nowadays.

TroubleX2 said...

Ya know...since I've started blogging my butt has definitely gotten bigger! I might have to give the ole stationary bike a whirl, too. lol! Too funny :)
Like ur blog!

Robine said...


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SpIrItWaRrIoR said...

Hi Troublex2,

The bigger butt could actually be a plus as long as we keep the waist in check. We'll be sexier that way...lol

Thanks for dropping by. Have a nice day.


joshuaun said...

wow!!!!first time see you blog a longlong post=) + =p

Solomon Broad said...

There's no sense in wasting all that energy you're producing. Wire the bike up to a dynamo, and you get "free" electricity.

SpIrItWaRrIoR said...

Hi Robine,

It'll be a pleasure to review your product/site. Please let me know of any additional requirements. Thanks.


SpIrItWaRrIoR said...

Hello Solomon Broad,

Lol...You blew my secret. Well, that's alright. The important thing is you dropped by. Many thanks and have a nice day.

Ps. we're fitting it with a fan too so I don't overheat when typing and surfing ;-)

Iris said...

Now that's what you called passion and addition in one. LOL.

Philippine Beach Resorts said...


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til next time...

RainforestRobin said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! Good for you. I love this post because it reminded me of aspects of myself, particularly the ingenuity. I have done this type of thing before. and you could,like "soloman broad" said, use the peddling to generate electricity. I did that in the rainforest of Australia. Hooked up a car alternator to a bike and used the electricity to cut glass. I was a glass artisan at the time.

Here are a couple of sites to start. I just typed in "hooking up a car alternator to bike generate electricity". Good luck and keep peddling girl.


The Minking Than said...

Your post rate has been going down exponentially. Why? The articles are pretty good and the writing style is also very good.

John said...

Using your computer for a long time can really affect your health. I do have a severe back pain for the past 10 months and trust me no medication works, when you start having a back pain. Its good that you started taking your health problems seriously. Stay fit and live healthy.